Spring / Summer gardening at Quamby Pines



What a productive Spring we have had! Cely was busy in the garden every day trying to keep up with all the new growth! The daffodils & tulips being cut now for next year & we are currently enjoying a wonderful  and very impressive display of sweet peas and lupins.

Going December we will be looking forward to more lupines, gladiola, lilies and roses if the possums don’t get into them first! Looks like we will be getting a bumper crop of fruit this season with all the fruit trees covered in small new fruit.
December will be a great month for our berry harvest as there is already fruit setting on the bushes. We’ll be having blueberries, blackberries, black red & white currants, gooseberries, strawberries and if we’re lucky maybe even a few goji berries. 14th Dec. had my first blackberry today, delicious. 
It’s not just the flower garden keeping Cely busy, she is also out in the veggie patch or in the green house as well, it’s just go go go. We recently filled the veggie garden with some composted cow manure, which the plants simply love. The broad beans are taller than Cely, so we cant even see her when she’s in there! We’ve got quite a variety of produce growing including  silver beet, asparagus, artichoke, leeks, celery, cabbages, radish, potato, pumpkin, tomato, snow peas, chillis and more.
We’ve also planted around 100 Olive trees and had the immediate task of fencing it in, as the potteroo’s have gone straight on the attack, ring barking all the young trees. It be nice to look forward to producing our own Olive Oil, with Extra Virgin Olive Oil grown in an totally chemical free environment being something to crow about. At a later stage our Guests may be able to purchase 250 and 500ml Bottles of the finest organic oil. We just planted some goji berries and blueberries, which are very well suited for the temperate Tasmanian climate. The Walnut trees are loaded this year, may make pickled walnut’s around Christmas time, love them but a long and complicated process. 

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