Solar Independence at Quamby Brook Farm-stay


Solar Panels Quamby Brook B&B

With 9 kw of solar panels we achieved a zero carbon footprint, very proud of it, there is also 3 solar hot water systems to make us virtually independent from the electric grid, at some stage we probably complete the system with the installation of a battery storage system.

Helping the environment creating electricity from the SUN, typical Summers Day 5th Dec 2016 sunny with minimal cloud cover created 68.4 kw of power, definitely better than firing up a coal fired power station, house holds like our do our bit for the environment, but we need to continuous support of the Government, guaranteeing a fair price for the excess power produced, at present in Tasmania this is not the case with Aurora paying a measly 6 cents and charging 28 cents, nearly a 500% mark up, a fairer price would be 14 to 16 cents still giving a 100% profit.

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