Magnificent four seasons in beautiful Tasmania

Farm9September to May at Quamby Pines.

We have had a wet and windy Winter and the dam has overflowed a couple of times. In this weather the platypus or should I say platypi are getting very active. The rainbow trout are also jumping, we have restocked the dam with around 350 of them in March 2009 and another 120 in September 2010. On the 4th of Oct. 2010 one of our Chinese guests caught 3 of them with a respectable size of around 900 g each and two days later a Dentist guest pulled another 3, I reckon it’s better than pulling teeth! Now it’s Spring in 2011 and our Indian guests are still catching the odd fish. The last catch in Jan. 2016 was 1.8kg was the most delicious looking trout I have ever seen.

The colder weather brought a flock of yellow crested black cockatoo’s to our place, they love the pine cones, I don’t know how long they booked in for? The lovely bumble-bees have started to come out of their hibernation, and are really enjoying the lupine flowers.

We  have no Miniature Hereford left now and replaced them with 2 dairy heifer’s. Our Dorper/Wiltshire sheep have finished lambing, the little lambs are growing up fast, most of them are nearly as big as their mums now!

Cely’s flowers are making a magnificent display and all the trees have their full coat of green leaves giving us the feeling of coolness and peace. It’s marvelous, really words can’t describe the beauty of the place. The wonders of CREATION are never ending and Quamby Pines is the perfect place to observe it, just look at the picture of harmony.

Some confirmation at but always use your own judgment.

Love and Happiness to all,
Cheers from Heinz & Cely

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