Nice 2 pounder

Nice 2 pounder

Guests at Quamby Pines have exclusive access to two winter creek fed lakes stocked with wild rainbow trout.

Nestled in the meadows of the Western Tiers, these lakes teem with aquatic and surrounding terrestrial insect life. This abundance of natural food ensures the trout are in excellent condition and provide exciting sport all year round (subject to Fishing Licence open Season for Rainbow Trout)..

Tailing and rising fish can be seen early in the mornings feeding along the edges and during the day to prolific hatches of damsels and duns. A great opportunity for the purist or novice to encounter trout fishing at its best.

Pictures & Text supplied by T.O. an extremely keen South Australian Fisherman.

Fishing Options

Trout fishing in Tasmania is, of course, subject to the changes of the season and also the vagaries of the weather on the day. As a generalization, the more pleasant the day, the greater the abundance of fly life and the greater the likelihood of finding feeding fish. If the fish are not feeding, then it is almost impossible to catch them.

One of the most wonderful things about Tasmania, is the diversity of environments and their relative closeness to one another:

  • On the wilderness Central Plateau, it may be a powder snow storm;
  • The tumbling mountain streams, will be beautiful as always, but might have overcast skies;
  • The meadow streams, like the Meander River, will be warmer and may fish reasonably but
  • The farm dams will be the most reliable.

Sometimes it is important to actually catch trout. Based out of a central location like Quamby Pines, puts all of the options in play, and all within 60 minutes.

Barry Hickman, Tasmanian Fly Fishing

Fishing Licence

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