Eco friendly

Eco Friendly

Zero Carbon Footprint

Zero Carbon Footprint

Sure are!
We constantly strive to reach our goal of gaining a carbon neutral footprint and having an Eco-friendly B&B. I am happy to announce that we have reached our personal goal, with the installation of 3 x 3kw solar panel systems in addition to two hot water systems, one for each unit. Both units have a duel flush toilets, which minimizes water consumption, and empties into an Enviro-septic tank.


The whole property receives its water from our rainwater tanks, which have a 5,000 and 6,000 gallon capacity respectively. We also have one small underground bore. We have had a mineral analysis of it, the results came back with a spectrum of minerals, all needed by the human body, including iodine and selenium.


From the very inception of the property, twenty years ago, we had planned for it to be an organic, Eco-friendly haven. During our time here, we have planted approximately one thousand trees. These trees act as shelters and windbreaks, provide us with fruit. We also maintain approximately 5 acres of native bush-land, this includes keeping all the native grasses and leaving any fallen trees to break down naturally. This combination of maintaining the original native bush land and adding a variety of new trees has created an animal haven and a bird watching paradise. In addition to this, we have built up our wetland area to now include approximately 6 acres. We believe that our chemical free and organic approach to farming have increased the number of native birds and animals living here and increased the frog population significantly.


As part of minimizing our carbon footprint we buy locally and seasonally where possible and hire local labour. We believe in supporting our local community, and have found over the years that the local markets are a great way to do this. We have two local farmers markets. The Deloraine Farmers Market, held on the first Saturday of every month, and the Red Tractor Market, held every fortnight. At these markets we can buy both fresh seasonal produce and specialty produce, grown and made by our local artisans including cheeses, jams, honey and olive oil.