The Farm

The property consists of a lovely balance of farmland, bush-lands, and wetlands. All of which, we try and keep chemical free.

The bush-land is completely untouched, with fallen trees left to decompose, this provides a wonderful natural habitat and food for our native birds and animals. Some of the native animals include wallabies, potoroos, pademelons, possums, echidnas and wombats sometimes.

The wetlands are made up of 6 acres of dams which house rainbow trout, and native wildlife. The pontoon is a bit neglected and serves only birds and animals as a safe landing spot, the dam wall is a great spot for bird-watching and spotting other wetland creatures. Some of the native birds that you can see are: egrets, cranes, native hens, ducks, black swans and on very special occasions we have seen sea eagles and wedge-tail eagles pass through. We also have an abundance of frogs, a family of platypuses, a variety of lizards and even tiger snakes (nice to look at, but keep your distance, they’re very poisonous!).

The farm is kept chemical free, the only fertilizers we use are liquid fish and kelp fertilizers and compost. We only keep a few sheep, alpacas, cows, chickens and bees mainly for our own use and for the guests to enjoy.

We have also planted windbreaks along the boundary fences, which creates micro-climates within the property. This benefits both our farm animals and our native wildlife, especially the native parrots, black cockatoos, carrawongs and magpies who love to roost in them.