About Deloraine

Platypus on the Meander River

Platypus on the Meander River

Deloraine, a lovely quaint town of 2500 people, first explored by Capt. John Rolland, under instruction from Lt Gov. Sorell. It has some magnificent old buildings with a lot of history attached to them. The picturesque Meander River flows around the outskirt of the town, as you drive past you may see the enthusiastic fishermen trying their luck with catching rainbow or brown trout or riding their bicycles on specially designated roads

It is the largest inland Town in Tasmania. The vibrant shopping centre is always busy with a large supermarket and many specialty stores. The Town has four pubs/hotels; the British called the top Pub Ph.63622016, the Empire called the middle Pub 63622075, the Deloraine Hotel called the bottom Pub and last but not least there is the Bush Inn Ph. 63622365, all serving meals and some have budget accommodation. For the people who like to stay in town there are some B&B’s and a large motel Mountain View Country Inn with its lovely Restaurant “Settlers Inn”. The main street of Deloraine is reminiscent of a small European town with the never ceasing movement of visitors and friendly, helpful locals.

There are several small cafes with outside seating for a relaxing cup of coffee. The area is renowned for its gourmet products like the specialty cheeses at Ashgrove Cheese, smoked salmon and Korean ginseng from 41 Degree South, specialty ice-cream at Christmas Hill Raspberry Farm, Chocolate at the House of Anvers at Latrobe. Truffles Deloraine. The ETC, in Elizabeth Town is a good place to have a cuppa.

Deloraine is also renowned for its art culture with the main attraction having been created by more than 300 people over a period of 21 month, the Locals call it Yarns a Creation in Silk. There is the Sculpture-Trail with 33 sculptures through town and along the river, the trail starts at the towns Visitors Centre, for more information contact the visitors centre on: (Ph. 61363623471 or E-mail or visit

There are also several galleries with paintings, photographs, woodwork, glasswork and antiques.

The region around Deloraine is fertile pasture used by dairy farmers. In spring you can see the beautiful colour’s of the cultivated poppies in bloom contributing to the growth of the area, also the crops of potatoes, onions, and carrots are significant for the economy of the district. However, large tracts of land are still natural forest, or timber plantations of Eucalypts or Pines, which complements the landscape.

The terrain varies from flat to gently undulating; it is beautifully framed by the Great Western Tiers known by the Aboriginal name of Kooparoona Niara meaning “Mountains of the Spirits”. The Quamby Bluff is the foremost mountain and also the most dominant. There are many things to do in the Great Western Tiers.

There is Bushwalking from ½ hour easy walks, to walks that last up to 3 days:

For longer walks Safety Guidelines must be followed and should only be attempted by experienced walkers, as weather conditions can change rapidly, even in summer. Always report your Departure, Destination and Return to a responsible person.

For those not attracted to bushwalking there is golf at the Deloraine Golf Club, or you may be interested in horse riding, which is in Kimberly. For those interested in wildlife, you may want to visit the Wildlife Park near Mole Creek; also near Mole Creek is the spectacular Solomon’s Cave and Marakoopa Cave.

You may even choose to visit the working honey factory in Mole Creek for tasting or purchase. In Chudleigh you can visit yet another honey farm, with over 50 different varieties of honey and the culinary delights of Leatherwood honey ice cream, there is also a working beehive behind glass view at the honey farm,

At Westwood you have the Zoo and Launceston Lake for trout fishing At Prospect there is the Casino with its many facilities, or you can visit the Harley Davidson Museum. Hadspen is home to Entally House, a National Trust property.

Westbury boasts Perns Steamworld, a collection of working steam engines, Westbury maze is also a worthwhile establishment especially for kids, they love to get lost in it, or you may like the magnificent photographs at John Temple Gallery. For ice cream lovers Andys is the place winning ‘Australia’s Best Ice Cream’ award for its hazelnut gelato.

Still with Deloraine  as your base stay, it is only one-hour drive to my favourite spot Great Lake, what a good spot for fishing or a picnic. Cradle Mountain  is only 1&1/2 to 2 hr. away, on the way back you can visit Sheffield the town of murals, there are also some magnificent Forrest Walks around Deloraine and in the beautiful Great Western Tiers.

The wall of Jerusalem is another worthwhile destination with its rugged beauty; also the Aluminium Cliffs or the Devils Gullet should not be missed. Launceston is 45 minutes away, it has many restaurants, parks, beautiful old buildings, Queen Victoria Museum the Gorge the Auto Museum  and more. You can be in Devonport  in 35 minutes with its awesome beach. It is the berthing place of our 2 Tasmanian ferries, SPIRIT 1 and 2. Don’t forget the HOUSE of ANVERS, a must for chocolate lovers.

At different times of the year we have different Festivals in northern Tasmania with Agfest  at Carrick, Deloraine Art & Craft Fair  Deloraine Agriculture show, Royal Launceston and Devonport shows, Festivals with Gourmet foods at Launceston Park,  Mural Fest at Sheffield and world famous Targa.

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